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Rating Comparison - DVDFlix.ca

Company Overall Interface Service Value Selection Reviews
Zip.ca 3.1 3.5 2.1 2.6 58177 108 view
DVDLink.ca 2.7 3.0 1.2 3.6 15000 5 view
DVDFlix.ca 1.9 2.0 1.8 1.9 9670 19 view


5 - Excellent!
4 - Very good
3 - Good
2 - Passable
1 - Bad
0 - Terrible!

User Comments


I moved to Canada recently &, being new, didn't know of the different online rentals. So when i came across DVD Flix, i immediately signed up. My experience in the US--NetFlix--was always a love hate but on comparison with DVDFLix, NexFlix rules. The problem i have with DVDFlix is the EXTREMELY SLOW TURNAROUND. I find the > 1 week mailbox-to-mailbox unacceptable. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DVDFLIX!


As a Vancouver resident I figured trying DVDFlix would be a hit, so i signed up for their free trial to see. Well that was 9 days ago and still nothing has been shipped at all. I added around 20 movies to my list after successfully activating my trial account with them. Some titles were older movies and a bunch were newer releases (By new i simply mean, 2007 releases, not "Brand new" etc.) So after 6 days of waiting with an empty shipping list, I contacted them to see about an ETA for the DVD's. Waited... Waited some more... Now 3 days since i emailed them and still no reply or shipped dvd's. So I simply canceled the account, because even they ship me some dvd's now, it won't be under the trial term which ends in 4 days.

bbblah from Vancouver

Had a list of DVD titles on the wait list and then got an email about adding more DVD's to the list. Shortly afterwards, with no warning at all, my membership was cancelled because I did not have enough DVD's on the list. This has got to be the worse customer service I ever experienced.


Very slow shipping times to me (Ontario)

allergic from Ontario

I just tried to use their free trial as I am looking for the best company for me. Their website is terrible! After you find the movies you want, you go to your "Rental List" and see that there is nothing on it. I played around with it for awhile and immediately after you select a movie, the whole list comes up but if you want to change the position of the movies or go directly to the list, it shows that you have no titles selected. I have already cancelled it. Who wants to deal with all that?

phildo from Toronto, Canada

A very plain site. Interface is not attractive at all. With the animated buttons, this site looks like it was done by 14 year olds. The new release section is cluttered and hard to navigate, organized alphabetically but not by genre, so you have to go through the ENTIRE list to maybe find a movie you want to see. There's just not much to do on the site. Very boring page. DVDs ship fairly quickly. but hard to choose in what order you want to receive your queue. Also messy. I really like the dvdflix.ca logo, but that's not enough for me to recommend this site.


I live in Vancouver, when I received discs from them the service was reasonably quick and I was pleased. BUT, when I had a problem with my credit card for one payment and service was suspended (fine, my fault, I forgot to notify them when I switched to a new card and cancelled the original one), after that it all went bad. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and I have not had any response from my *frequent* inquiries about the status of my account. I have not received a new disc even though I have returned all of the ones I had. My new credit card has already been billed. I am completely disappointed in their service from this company. P.S. Try finding a contact phone number on their website. Impossible. What do you do when no one replies to your email? Customer Service is VERY important, do not choose this rental service.


Service was good in 2004 and begin of 2005, fast tourn around like 2 days max. As you can read around, their tournaround is now higher than zip (and I live close to dvdflix!). At this time I'm with Zip and dvdflix and I'l cancel flix in a couple of week.

rickm from Vancouver

I'm cancelling my dvdflix membership. I sent my last selections back 5 weeks ago! That's right, I've kept being charged while receiving absolutely nothing new for 6 weeks. I've written them 5 emails to complain about this and no response. Even before this problem their turnaround time was awfull. I was waiting almost 2 weeks for new discs despite living about 15 minutes away from them! Avoid DVDFlix.ca at all costs. I wish Netflix would establish themselves in Canada and wipe all of these pretenders off the map. In the meantime I'll go with Zip. They have about 10 times the selection of dvdflix and people I've spoken to seem to be happier with them.

waysid from Vancouver, BC

I am really liking DVDflix. They have been great about getting me the DVDs I list in my top 5, which usually includes new releases. Ship and return times are also fast. The selection isn't huge, but for new releases I am liking them a lot more than Zip.


I've been a dvdflix member for 2 months now. Living in Vancouver, I thought I would receive movies a little quicker than the rest of the country (as the warehouse is Vancouver based). I return movies in the downtown post office so dvdflix should theoretically get them back the next day (as per my experience with VHQ). Instead, it takes dvdflix 3 days to receive (according to their interface) and 3 days to send out. I get quicker shipping times from ZIP and they are based out of Calgary! In addition, Dvdflix never answers my email. How does a service based company retain customers if they do not communicate with their customers? Interface is not user-friendly, I can not move movies around on their numbering system with ease. Instead, I have to push the movie in question up or down one slot to rearrange. I think I have said enough, thinking of leaving soon. Any suggestions other than ZIP? Thanks for listening. GJC90210

Curatio from Vancouver, BC

I tried their two-week free trial and found that the turnover time was just too long. I received my first batch of three DVD's on the third business day after I signed up. I returned them at the post office later that same day, and DVDFlix received them and shipped out my second batch four business days later. I didn't receive them until the fourth and fifth business day after shipping. So, just from my two-week trial, it looks like a return trip will take about 7-9 business days. This is WAY too long considering I live in the same city (Vancouver) as DVDFlix. VHQ (before being bought by Zip) used to take only 4 business days for a return trip, and sometimes it was even 3! Other than the turnover time, though, I found the service to be okay. Their selection is decent, especially if you are mainly interested in New Releases. Your selection list is numerical, although it was a bit harder to navigate than VHQ because you can't move a selection or multiple selections to a specific number; you can only move a single selection to the top or bottom. Of the six DVD's I was sent, all of them were from my top 5, so at least they seem to do a good job of sending you what you really want. And finally, cancelling the service was pretty easy as it can be done online. I still have to double-check my VISA statement, though, to make sure they didn't accidentally charge me, as others have had trouble cancelling, but that was quite a while ago.



theScud from Powell River, BC

No-frills site design. Very easy to determine what is coming soon to their inventory. Turnaround times are somewhat slow. Customer service is poor. Selection is OK but then again, I wasn't looking for rare or OOP titles.

sonician from Halifax, NS

It took 5 days to receive DVDs in the mail. About tw odays longer than I'd like. Their system seems pretty DYI which I like, but delivery form Vancouver just kills it.


Fast shipment turnaround.. Value for your money


This was the second Online DVD company I joined. Stuck with them maybe two months. Good: FAST delivery even to another province Bad: Interface is pretty bad For my needs (4dvds out at a time) didn't provide the best value. Confusing Selection. They have some obscure titles the others don't have, and then are missing others that all the others have. There just wasn't quite enough of what I wanted No Comment Customer Service: used once, no problems, but not enough for me to recommend one way or another

ssb9 from Vancouver

FAST Delivery in Vancouver 1 day! Good selection, however didn't provide any notice of receipt of my dvd's via email a la zip or vhq. Interface is pretty lackluster and boring. No big issues. Prefer VHQ selection, interface and customer care/confirmations over them. Kudos for shipping 3 new releases in my trial, as I only had a list of 7 movies at the time! Impressed.