How does it work?

Almost all online DVD rental companies work the same way:

There are never any late fees, and postage is always paid by the company, both ways! Gamers will be happy to know that some companies also rent games for GameCube, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3.

Does location matter?

Some customers have had slightly quicker shipping times from closer companies. However, this should not be the sole deciding factor in choosing one site over another.

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What are online DVD rentals?

If you're new to the idea of renting DVDs online, you might be surprised to find out that online DVD rental companies have existed for many years in Canada. Simply put, online DVD rental companies let you rent DVDs by mail instead of requiring you to go to a store; check our quick primer to the right for a rundown of the basics.

Which DVD rental company is right for me?

The wide range of competing companies in Canada can make it pretty tough to decide which DVD rental service is right for you: not only are there many to choose from, but they almost all approach the market with different strengths (for instance, fewer titles but better customer service, or including video games in their inventory).

The table below gives a basic comparison. Please also have a look at our Recommendations page. It is based on the comments of other Canadians in our forums since 2004.

DVD Rental Site Comparison

Rating Company Location Titles 3 DVDs 4 DVDs Hi-Def Games Ottawa, ON 58177 $24.95 $24.95 yes Vancouver, BC 15000 21.95 24.95 yes included Vancouver, BC 9670 $24.99

Prices in italics denote a "capped" subscription plan.

About our ratings

This is only a very basic comparison of the Canadian DVD rental sites. The companies are listed from highest rated to lowest, since price and inventory don't matter if you're not happy with the service. Ratings are provided by other Canadians who have used the services and shared their thoughts. You can click on any rating to see reviews for that site.

Trial memberships

If you'd like to try renting online, most sites offer a free trial period – usually two weeks – with no obligation to continue with the service. You can even try several companies at once to see which one best suits you.